The Kingdom of Dughart (Dwarven)


The Kingdom of Dughart and the Kingdom of Rokhill make up the Dwarven Nation. The Kingdom of Dughart lies north of the Kingdom of Trion in the Northern Hills and in the mines beneath the Northern Mountains. Even before the Eternal Winter fell over the north, the dwarves were an isolated people. They interacted with other races primarily through the trading outposts of the Kingdom of Trion and a few other small communities. Very few humans have ever been into their great mines, but legends speak of the vast cities and extended communities that exist in the mines beneath the Northern Mountains. Mines, so extensive and deep that many Dwarves live out their entire lives in just one section of the mines, never travelling to the deepest chambers and districts, an entire subterranean world.

Royal Family

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Dwarves in the Kingdom of Dughart are more reclusive than the Dwarves of Rokhill. They tend to view outsiders with more skepticism and scorn. While they did have very productive trade relationships with the Kingdom of Trion, the numbers of dwarves and dwarven families who engaged in the above ground interactions with humans was extremely small. Especially in comparison to the Kingdom of Rokhild. Almost all of the Dughart society lives under the ground in the mines.

As a result, their mines are gigantic and expand beyond most human comprehension. Over the past 500 years during their seclusion they have expand even deeper and further into the mountain ranges. The underground network of mines, dwellings, and buildings is so enormous that it would be impossible to visit each chamber, room, and level during the course of a human lifespan.

The Kingdom of Dughart (Dwarven)

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