The Kingdom of Glaudhelm


The Kingdom of Glaudhelm is one of the 4 remaining kingdoms of men. It is considered one of the strongest Kingdoms of the men, both now, and throughout the history of the world. Glaudhelm was instrumental in uniting the Kingdoms of men during the Monster Wars and turning the tide of the battle against the enemies of mankind.


During the dark times the Kingdom of Glaudhelm actually maintained much of their original lands. They also were, in many ways, the least affected by the famines and monster attacks that ravaged other kingdoms. Furthermore, unlike some of the other Kingdoms, such as Dragspire and Portsmouth, Glaudhelm did not openly attack their neighbors in an attempt to seize lands. This helped contribute to a national sense of nobility and justice, that even in such dire times they behaved civilly.

This was further strengthened by the fact that it was Glaudhelm that called for the four Kingdoms to unite and fight together during the monster wars. Glaudhelm also supplied the largest regiment of troops for these efforts, though, in part, that was mainly because they had a healthier population and forces that weren’t as war weary.

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To be of the kingdom of Glaudhelm is to be proud. Their pride is not undeserved, but it is certainly a known characteristic of the culture. A common joke is that the men of Glaudhelm think they are actually elves, hinting at the sense of smug superiority elves have been known to look down upon men with. Though it is an insult that is often said with a tinge of jealousy.

Along with the sense of pride, the members of the kingdom tend to be governed by a sense of fairness and justice that is not as present in some other kingdoms. And while justice is firm in Glaudhelm, it is also softened with kindness. Execution is rarely employed as a punishment, favoring restitution, imprisonment, or forced labor. Magical means have also been employed, such as using a geas to keep a convicted murderer in line.


Glaudhelm has always been known as Kingdom that has placed a great deal of pride on the collection of skills and knowledge. The guilds of Glaudstead are renowned for their vast libraries and workshops, attracting the finest masters in many trades of areas of study. As a result the workmanship of Glaudhelmian armor, weapons, and other goods is known throughout the modern world.

Their central location within the world has also been a tremendous asset to the kingdom, allowing them to serve as a hub of commerce and a central location for the exchange of knowledge and ideas. While the Kingdom of Portsmouth is known more for it’s active trading, Glaudhelm is a close second.

The Kingdom of Glaudhelm

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