The Kingdom of Rokhild (Dwarven)


The Kingdom of Dughart and the Kingdom of Rokhild make up the Dwarven Nation. The Kingdom of Rokhild lies to the north of the Kingdom of Dragspire. The Rokhild Dwarves are more social than their Dughart cousins. They traded more openly with the humans and were more prone to travel. They would bring their wares throughout the various kingdoms, some would even establish smithies or shops outside of their home kingdom. They are known for being more cheerful than their serious minded brethren.

Royal Family

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While the Dughart dwarves lives primarily in a society that exists beneath ground in their mines, the Rokhild dwarves have one foot beneath the earth and one foot in the daylight. While their mines are expansive and vast, though not as impressive as the mines of the Dughart, they also have a large number of above ground keeps and even outlying villages. Rumor is that all of their keeps are eventually connected through a vast network of underground tunnels, though whether that is true or not is unknown.

As a result of their more substantial presence above ground, it was harder for them to escape the full effects of the Eternal Winter and the Monster Wars. Many more Rokhild dwarves died during the dark times, and that has somewhat served to somber their more lively attitude.

While the two tribes of Dwarves may differ in mannerisms and living preferences, they typically interact well with the others. The Rokhild will mock the Dughart for their serious nature and the Dughart will grudingly laugh at the jokes of the Rokhild, but they are very much like two brothers of the same family.

The Kingdom of Rokhild (Dwarven)

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