The Kingdom of Trion (fallen)


The Kingdom of Trion was one of the Seven Great Kingdoms of Men from the previous golden age. The most northern of all the Kingdoms of Men it shared it’s northern reaches with the Dwarven Kingdom of Dughart. Both Dwarves and Men laid claim to the Northern Reaches, a series of foothills below the Northern Rocks and the frozen wastes the lay beyond. There were six royal houses in the Kingdom, the ruling house being the House of Trion. After Trionshearth was lost to the Eternal Winter, along with two other northern houses, the remaining three houses were eventually claimed by the Kingdom of Portsmouth.

The Fall of Trionshearth

In the year 170 B.D. the Eternal Winter surged following the Year of Darkness. The tales of fleeing refugees speak of monsters coming out of the frozen cold, great beasts of ice, entire towns and villages falling under a freeze so deep that flaming pitch would freeze and extinguish. Some speak of a huge battle at Trionshearth, others talk of the city merely succumbing to a frozen death. No on knows for sure.

Since the Dawn of the New Era no one has attempted to reclaim the city, or even locate it. Even though the Eternal Winter has begun to thaw there are still vast frozen wastelands that it has not yet given up.

The Lost Houses

The House of Trion, after which the Kingdom was named, was only one of three royal houses lost to the Eternal Winter. The House of Hillsbrawn and the House on Unthor were both lost during the ensuing winter. It is thought that whatever fate claimed Trionshearth also consumed these other great houses.

The Remaining Houses

Three of the former Houses of the Kingdom of Trion still exist today, though they have now sworn fealty to the Kingdom of Portsmouth, a compromise to allow them to keep their lands and titles, rather than engage in a bloody and futile struggle with the armies of Portsmouth. The three remaining houses are:

  • The House of Felwain
  • The House of Gilstein
  • The House of Dunthorp

There is still a large amount of discontent among the nobles of these three houses, all of whom feel they rightfully have a claim to the throne of Trion. But with the dark times so recently in the pass none yet have the strength to challenge the might of Portsmouth and also hold off the other two houses.

The Kingdom of Trion (fallen)

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