After 200 years of darkness, the kingdoms of men, elf, and dwarf begin to rise from the ashes…

The fall began so long ago, 400 years or more legends say. The lands have been washed in the blood of chaotic war and drenched in the tears of bitter despair and hopelessness for nearly two centuries. First came the Eternal Winter, freezing the lands to the north, and the droughts throughout the south and west, causing crops to fail. Then came the Year of Darkness, a time of deep despair. The Crawling Death and the Monster Wars tore at already fragile kingdoms, rending families in two and leaving countless dead in their wake.

The Second Year of Darkness signaled the end to many humans. Fear, depression, and hopelessness were etched on the face of every man, woman, and child. A shadow across all the lands threatened to snuff out the final candles of life. As if sensing the impending end the Creeping Death returned in a more viscous form which became known as the Walking Death, a disease that threatened the poor and rich alike and seemingly struck without warning.

Suddenly it was as if a fresh breeze blew across the land and carried away with it the darkness. Crops which had failed began to grow again. The elves and the dwarves, who had largely returned to their own lands, began to trade with the kingdoms again. Caravans once again began to flow out of the Southern Desert and a sea trade route was established with the free-city of Allabar.

For the past 50 years things have been calm, but all is not well. Monsters still roam the countryside. The Walking Death, though much less common, still plagues the land, cropping up without warning and then fading away without reason. The six great kingdoms of men, once strong and proud, are jaded and tattered, two having fallen completely and the other four a shadow of their former glory. Hatred, fear, and mistrust still exists between the races, a tinderbox waiting for an errant spark to launch the countryside into full out war

This is your world. What will you do in it?

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Pathfinder: The Phoenix Chronicles

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