Pathfinder: The Phoenix Chronicles

A Prayer of thanks

Raised to the heavens by Brother X

Darkest of Fathers hear my prayers of thanks. In the embrace of slumber I awoke to find stout fellows to aid me in your cause. Their skills varied and ready to aid me in your dark justice. The goblin perverters of your perfect night fell before us and into our wake leading from their decrepit lair. Thank you Darkest of Fathers.

Beaten by your trials we soldiered on toward those we could save by your measured mercy. Your invisible hand guiding us to greater deeds of justice, through their pleads to return home. Thank you Darkest of Fathers.

We travelled safely through the nights. Your ancient call to the animals of the night alerting us to the presence of those who would follow. Your dark embrace comforting our sleep between travels beneath the punishing heat of the sun. Thank you Darkest of Fathers

As we travelled through abandoned farms, I saw that you had led us here to deliver vengeance against a foe yet to be met. Your watchful gaze from the shadows allowed us to deliver the surviving family to their home and others requiring the skills of your servant and those who travel in your glory. Thank you Darkest of Fathers.

Through your teachings I could see the people needed order and a path to avenge those who had taken from them. I began to convince the town smithy and a misguided Lightbringer of a plan you’d view smilingly. Structured, scheduled and ready to strike down those who had brought harm unjustly. Thank you Darkest of lords.

Once again your call to the nocturnal awoke us to their presence and aided us in our preparations by day. Order brought productivity and hope. My fellows took well to directing the commoners and we awaited our chance for justice as the goblins approached. Thank You Darkest of Fathers.

Adventurers and townsmen fought as one. Rebuking invaders at the walls and gate. Their numbers wearing us down up until a climatic fight. Caden fighting a succession of attackers from taking his remaining son as we arrived via your dimly lit grace. Bravely separating the Goblins from the boy and father. The selective touch of your icy justice deciding which of us that fell should survive. Thank you Darkest of Fathers.

I and many townsmen were spared but not those you justly called into the everafter to answer for their misdeeds in life. The scorching and scratches on the battlefield a reminder of your your stern and unerring justice. Thank you Darkest of Fathers.

May I observe your word obediently and rest in your dark embrace peacefully. Sharing it with all those just and worthy enough of your gift.


FarcicalFiend LeeThomas

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