Pathfinder: The Phoenix Chronicles

Order, Darkness and pain.

A few things you may have noticed about Brother Xavier

I am not sure how observant each of you is but, after traveling and sharing quarters with brother Xavier for a few weeks, these are some of the things you may have noticed.

Xavier is nearly always neatening the space around him. Tavern tables are left wiped clean with empty cups and bowls stacked. His sleeping area and gear made or stowed perfectly. Battlefields policed for left tracks, new clues, lootable items with the fallen attended to. This often occurs naturally, casually and seemingly thoughtlesssly. Attempts to interrupt him can quickly meet resistance.

There is little subtlety to how Xavier studies what he is looking at. This makes it apparent that Xavier seems to care genuinely about how underlings are cared for by those in charge of them. Similarly, he would seem to be attracted to women with a certain intrinsic darkness or mystery to them or interesting tattoos or scars.

Xavier is VERY at ease in the darkness. He rarely avoids shadowy areas along the streets and is typically the last to suggest lighting a lamp or campfire. He seems happy to sit in darkness and when he prays, it is during the darkest hours of the night often shielded from the moon’s light. Sometimes this is accompanied by the sound of clanging chains.

Xavier occasionally transfers a coin at a time from his main purse to another nearly empty one.

He is heavily scarred even beyond any tales of previous battle or injuries he may have shared. The more astute of you may have noticed, old marks from manacles and a collar, whip marks on his back and that he occasionally returns to the group with fresh marks upon him.


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