Pathfinder: The Phoenix Chronicles

The ruined Temple of Darkness

my faith has pulled us through

It was a place that lived up to all the tales of lost dungeons promise. Darkness, Death, and Decay. Truly a place i should my lords power to be present. It’s corruption leaking out into the waters and animals outside, we crept inside unknowing what we’d find. A challenge we were worth of but, I don’t know if we would have braved it were we warned what laid ahead.

I still don’t truly know who’s temple this was to but, it’s design and themes were familiar to one such as me, raised under Zon Kuthon’s chain. Dark powers overflowed and twisted the former clergy(?) into creatures of undeath that awaited us behind every cracked wall and closed door. I doubt the others were as at ease here but, they pulled together to push past what we encountered. Skeletons, Zombies and horrors I had never seen before.

We were thrashed and felled but, my lords dark powers and the skills of others allowed to continually rise to the next scrum and eventually to that Dark chapel and it’s all powerful chalice. I hope to know it’s purpose soon but, It’s majesty is overwhelming. I was impressed with my fellows’ skill with blade, flame and song against those ghastly skeletons. I could barely stand the searing from being near one and the swordsman struck powerfully with his balanced blade.

In victory we rested briefly before our curious ladies led as down into the place’s truest peril. A horrid spitting abomination of eyes, teeth and tentacles. It would blind us and then attempt to eat poor Greyleaf but, my faith allowed me to be the true master of darkness and blindness. Zon Kuthon’s power guiding me through my own blindness while cursing it back upon that beast. We now look to move on proven and with not a small amount bounty from those dark halls.


FarcicalFiend LeeThomas

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