Notable NPCS

Kaydin Goldspin

A merchant the party met on their first adventure. He was trapped in the basement cells with the others when they awoke, his family allegedly attacked and captured by the Goblin Horde and taken to their base within the ruined forest keep. His wife and son, Alexis and Aldin were saved, but their other child, Faedin was apparently killed by the monsters. Kaydin died a little over a week later in Glenwood when the outpost town was attacked by the same goblins. He was killed defending his son from capture.

Alexis Goldspin

Widow of Kaydin Goldspin, after her husbands tragic death and her son’s disappearance and possible death she decided to stay in the town of Glenwood and assist with the various orphans who were left behind after the assault on the town. She directed the party to her brother Marcus in the the city of Laston.

Aldin Goldspin

Son of Kaydin Goldspin, ran off into the night after watching his father Kaydin murdered right before his eyes. The heroes were unable to track him down and many assumed he was killed by fleeing monsters or may have died from exposure or starvation. Attempts to locate him were not successful.

Thealos Greybeard

The de-facto leader of the Glenwood. He’s fought monsters all his life. He’s always lived on the edge of civilization and fought the monsters when it needed doing. His great grand-father supposedly fought in the Monster Wars.

Kane Guzzler

Runs the small tavern/general store in Glenwood with his wife Helen. Their town often serves as a final outpost for caravan’s making their way to Dragmaw Lake. They have a wide range of supplies and curios.

Altrus Lightbringer

A worshiper of Aleria, Altrus preaches a gospel of goodness and views the monsters as weeds that must be pulled from the spiritual garden of humanity. It is no more violent to kill a monster than it is to pull a weed.

Marcus Felwin

Alexis Goldspins brother, lives in Laston as a semi-noble of the town, living off family wealth from trade. He is suspicious about the origin of Aldin, and has tried before (without success) to track down the old Crone Angie, who was the midwife for Aldin’s birth. He has asked the party to look into it for him.

Maggie Butcherson

Owner and bartender of the Choking Hog, a middle class Inn in the lower district of Laston. She is known for keeping the bar clean enough, the crowd civilized enough, the beer strong enough, and the food good enough. Just don’t try her pie.

Notable NPCS

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